Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Our Walk but Our Walk

Resurrection day was all it could be in a celebration of the highest day in Christiandom. Many churches held sunrise services with all the celebratory events including powerful preaching. It was a grand day! Many people came for their once a year pilgrimage, many people dressed up, and many people came just to gather in celebration with other believers.

Now we are on the backside of that event. Fasts have been declared over, dress hats have been put away, dinners have been eaten, oh-it was grand. Now what? What are you doing? Something should be different for believers; some weights should be lighter; some hearts should be brighter; some thoughts should be clearer; some worries should be less. Yes we have celebrated the very reason we can live. Something should be different. And that something is what allows other to see Jesus. Join me in this next level as we keep the celebration alive. It is not our talk but our walk. type to you later.

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