Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is a Journey

The journey during this season could have been enlightening, could have been enriching, could have been restorative. It all depended on your perspective. Even now, it is not too late. As you journey, see yourself moving toward more spirituality and away from religiousity, moving toward a more intimate relationship with God and away from the clutches of society, moving toward freedom and away from bondage.

It is amazing how many people, places, things, events we allow to capture our lives and hold us in bondage. In order to be released, we must acknowledge our bondage; accept God's will, which is never in bondage; and realize the power of Holy Spirit to guide us safely out, through and into the peace we need.

This journey entails letting go of some people, some places, some things, some events, some attitudes, some ideas that we hold dear. Let it go. Nothing can hinder as much as holding on to things that are killing you softly. Let go. Today is a great day to let go. Now is a good time to let go. Not sure where to start? Get quiet, ask God which way? And then try. Try. Try again. Holla if you need me. . . but God is so much closer than a "holla." type to you later.

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