Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Don't worry about tomorrow."  How many times have you heard that?  It is a very good thing to keep in mind.  You see, this day is a gift to you.  Accept it and all the wonders of the exploration in it.  Keep in your heart all that you have learned and experienced to this day as it contributes greatly as how you accept this day.  Don't refuse it, or accept it grudgingly- you know how some people do. 

When someone accepts my gift grudgingly or refusing to say a simple "thank you," then I know not to worry about giving that person another gift.  That is how we think.  How much more do we refuse to thank God for the gift of this day?  What do we do with that gift?  Do we get everything we can from it?  You see, do we even play with the packaging it comes in? 

Don't throw this day away while waiting on another day.  Tomorrow is not promised, Today is yours.  Joy in the gift - the gift of life -Today.  type to you later.

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