Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who's in Your Village?

My son called and had been looking back over his life and those who had poured into his life.  I smiled that he could acknowledge those who made a tremendous impact.   Then I shared those who had impacted my life.   Family is so very important, whether they are biological or extended.  It really does take a whole village to raise one child. 
Sadly, many people do not recognize the positve impacts in their lives. Unfortunately, some people have only memories of deep wounds, and don't see hope.  If that is you, look a little closer.  Ask God to show you the bright spots and where they were.   It may have been a teacher who gave you hope when others caused dismay. 
Take time today to think about those who impacted your life.  If they are still living, contact them and let them know how you feel.  If they are gone, thank God for allowing them time in your life.  It doesn't stop there.  Are you making a positive impact in the life of another?  It is a part of "one anothering"  of loving one another.  I thank God for so many in my life, those living and those who have gone on.  I thank him for my son and his realization that we do not live isolated in this world.  Who can you thank?  How can you pass it on?  type to you later.

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