Friday, March 12, 2010


I shared with a student a compliment that his mentor gave me a few years ago.  The mentor was grateful that I did not hoard my knowledge but reached back to help others who were working on their doctorate.   I told my student that I had to credit my parents for what they instilled in my sister and me and for what we passed on to our children.  My parents encouraged us to, "leap from their shoulders." 

To "leap from my shoulders."  Look at what that says.  It means you can go farther, do more, because of how I stand.  I stand ready and willing for you to stand strong on what I know so you can reach for more.  It means I offer my position so that you can learn.  Can you see how great that would work in a community of believers?  No one trying to walk on another or withhold information, but all share in the growth of one another. 

It reminds me of an African tree that I have. The lower round of brothers and sisters are linked firm so that the second round, who are their shoulders are standing firm to link, so that the third round can stand.  Can you see it?  If we link together to allow others to stand firm on our shoulders, then they too can do the same.  Wow!   Wouldn't life look differently?  Can you see how awesome we, as believers would function in community.  In the African spirit of Mbutu, "I am because we are,"  let us walk closer together in community.  type to you later.

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