Wednesday, June 2, 2010


With so many events happening- graduations, weddings, birthdays- we are reminded that life does move on. If that is a true statement, why do we find ourselves stuck in the past? Oh yes we do. We stay stuck in past relationships that should be severed. We stay stuck with bad memories of hurt, and we should move on. We stay stuck with bitter feelings, and for our own health we should let it go. What can we do?

Celebrate a 'graduation' from those events. Take it one day at a time. Jot down what you have been holding on to for any reason. Even now, I bless you with spiritual clarity to hear. Ask Holy Spirit what to work on first. Don't try to do it all today (smile). Take it one sport at a time. For each event that you release, lament it, shape a blessing for it, and let it go. Then celebrate the release. This is your season of release! type to you later.

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