Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Real

You can run so hard after what society deems for you that you miss what God has for you. How completely defeating is that?  No one breathing can understand your role, your assignment.  So - how do you hear?  Be still- listen to what Holy Spirit tells you.  Do not let anyone tell you what  you can or cannot do.  You are more than conquerors - not because of you - but to whom you belong. 

Yes, it sounds so simple, but that is the scary part.  It is actually not as complicated as we make it.  Try listening today.  Don't worry about figuring out tomorrow, allow Holy Spirit to guide you today.   type to you later.

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Anonymous said...

As always, Dr. E, very true and very helpful. It's my first time here - Yea!- and I find myself needing just a little of God's reminders through you. May God continue to keep you steadfast and sure to write for people like me who need "a little more grace and a little more time". TMYN