Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You Ready?

Just a few more days . . .until the celebration of Christiandom that ushered in our chance a life more abundantly.  Oh, you thought I was going to say, "few more shopping days."  I had a few people ask me, "Are you finished shopping?" Yes.  And I had a few ask me, "Are you ready for Christmas?" Yes.  Shopping?  Is that all it means?   Really, how does one 'get ready' for Christmas?  I have tried to see as many Christmas lights as I can.  I have tried to watch all the Christmas movies.   I have reread and reread Isaiah nine, and Luke two. I preached Luke one.  How?  How does one get ready?  What does that question really mean?  How can you get ready for such a celebrated moment?

I have slowed down in order to hear . . .to feel . . .  to receive . . . to know - the blessing of God through sending that precious son that secured my full life.  I have paused to  search for God.  I have quieted to hear more of God's will.  I have shrugged off excess baggage in order to receive.  Just to know how special I am to God is indeed humbling.  So you see, the more we receive from God, the less we become.  Get ready to receive God's love over and over again, and celebrate that love through the birth of Jesus.

Are you ready?   type to you later.

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