Saturday, December 24, 2011

There is No Place Like Home

After attending a Redskins game with family, and making preparations to continue in our visit I found myself wishing that next year I would do something totally different.  I asked my nephew where would he be, if he could be anywhere at this time of year.  His answer brought me back to my reality- To be with family.  For all the aggravations, for all of the unforeseen events- there is no place I would rather be, than with family.  The only added treat for me would be to have my son's family here.  Family is so important in my life. 

I have been blessed to have family who loves and encourages me. And I have been blessed with 'family' in other venues, church, school, work, friends.  I recognize that many people do not have or have never had such community.  If you are in a loving community, thank God for them.  If you do not have such, I encourage you to look outside your immediate circle.  God will not leave you without support.  It may be close friends or your local body of believers.  Although Joseph and Mary traveled from family they were embraced by a larger audience of angels and shepherds.   And then on to a larger body in those who embraced them in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.  And all of this, in spite of Herod's scheme. 

Allow Holy Spirit to guide you, no matter your circumstance.  Don't miss those God places in your life.  Celebrate the love of family, whether biological or surrogate.  And in the words of Dorothy, upon her realization of family, "There is no place like home."  I bless each of you love, peace and the joy of your life.  Merry Christmas!  type to you later.

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