Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Too Much Clutter

We have too much clutter.  Not only materially, but emotionally.  I think we take so much outside information in that we get caught up in a whirlwind of wonders, thoughts, viewpoints.  And we find ourselves hopping from one idea to the next and wondering which way? what to do?  We get so caught up that we can lose self, our own ideas, our own thoughts.  Then we could lose ourselves- or so we believe.

Hold on- back up. Yes, there are times that our ideas, our beliefs may be somewhat convoluted by our background, our childhood, our family.  And what we believed to be truth for so long was actually truth twisted away.  So when we realize truth revealed, it may seem a betrayal to what we once believed.  That is dilemma that so many face.

But when you realize truth you can stand on truth.  How do you start?  "Glad you asked" (Thanks Doc).  By watching what God is doing in your life.  Listen to Holy Spirit's guidance.  Feel Jesus' love for you.  Check in- ask for truth to be revealed.  It really is easier than you believe.  You see, at that point you can feel the whirlwind of outside influence fade away.  And that takes worry away from you.  Now you have more time to enjoy the life that God has given.  Get rid of the clutter and enjoy the living of your life.  Try it.  type to you later.

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