Sunday, March 18, 2012


Do you know how hard it is to trust God? Hmmm. Not as hard as you think. Quite often, unfortunately, you have learned 'trust' through trusting people.  And we (people) are such a contrary mess, and to say we are human is no excuse.  But I offer a more reliable, more sincere, safer source to trust.  I offer the peace that comes from hearing your direction.  I can offer it, after all, it has already been offered to you through the shed blood of Jesus. 

I prayed with a woman that had been so disrupted by a spirit of guilt that she was afraid to let God near.  This is a believer who thought that God had turned His back on her, because of her mistake.  She knew what the scripture says, but she couldn't trust it for herself. Can you see how easy we get distracted by guilt?  She had trusted people that confessed to be 'experts' in their field.  Their lie almost destroyed her.  Almost- but God.  There is something that gives us release when we trust God.  Okay, sorry, I was just thinking.  If we could get that step- to trust God.  So how can start?  Get direction.

And your direction?  Well, Jesus has blessed us with Holy Spirit to guide us. Try. . . go ahead - this may be a new step toward trusting, toward hearing, toward learning just how much you are loved. type to you later.

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