Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get Out Your Rut

I think too often we get so entrenched in a way of doing something or of enjoying something that we miss so much of life.  This morning I was thinking about my own "stuckness."  When I was little I loved chocolate ice cream, didn't want vanilla unless there was nothing else.  And then, it happened- one day we had neapolitian and I tried strawberry.  Wow! How cool.  I even begun to have more respect for vanilla. And as I grew up I branched out.  Oh- to butter pecan, peach, banana- can you see me?  And then other flavors, but now I had an idea of what I really liked. 

So how many times do you order the same thing the same way?  How many times do you do the same thing the same way, and wonder why everything stays the same?  What rut are you in?  Don't get me wrong, I offer that you should try going a different way, ordering something different, having a different attitude in your reationships.  Ruts are ruts, no matter what.

You have not experienced all that life has for you.  There is still another ice cream flavor.  When you are willing to experience life you can better realize who you are and what you like.  Oh I could say a lot about this, but start easy.  Start with ice cream, try a different flavor.  Have fun.  type to you later.

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