Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love One Another

Yesterday I posted a picture on my face book page of two little girls at the water fountain.  They looked like sisters, so I will call them sisters.  One was lifting the other up so she could get the water.  That image touched me as it reminded me of my sister and I when we were small.  Our parents encouraged us to "take care of one another"  as "we are all we have." 

Take care of one another.  My my.  Isn't that what Jesus said?  I mean, to love one  another, care for one another.  So my parents were not only being loving parents but exhibiting sound theology as well.  There are so many people hurting, so many people just needing help to get the water, and all it requires from us is to help.  Love one another.  In the African spirit of M'buntu "I am because we are,"  spend time today letting that "one anothering" penetrate your heart.  See what God has for you, and allow Holy Spirit to guide you.  type to you later.

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