Monday, January 26, 2015

See the More of you

In there is an amazing picture by photographer Alex Cornell of an iceberg that had flipped over.  I tried to send it but it is not working. I suggest that you see the photograph- to behold the beauty, the wonder of what the iceberg holds. 

Why look for it? Because we miss so much by seeing only the outside, the external of others and of ourselves. We miss who we really are, we miss our image as created by God.  We have allowed so much to misshape us that our beauty is many times hidden, from even us. 

As you view the photograph examine what you see. Then find a photograph of you, and examine what you see.  You are indeed a marvelously made person created for so much more that what you know.  Let's examine life together, to see more of what God has for you. See the more of you.  Enjoy your journey. enough for now.

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