Friday, January 2, 2015

The New Year

Welcome to the New Year. Welcome to a new day.  Welcome to a new season. Start today with letting go: Let go of clutter in your life; you know, the stuff you have kept in your closet, in your house, in your life.  Let go of the things that make you sick- the toxic things in your life-the person, place, or thing.  Let go of the clutter in your heart - the remaining lies you have believed, the unforgiveness, the bitterness, those things that have done you more harm than good. Let go of 'lost direction'. You know, the things that caused you to run off in rabbit trails to nowhere. Let it go!

Now take on, you can because you have room. Get direction; you see, your direction and the direction of others for you has caused you to miss what God has for you. They don't know. They can't follow their own direction, how can they tell you?  How can you find direction?  Glad you asked.  Watch what Holy Spirit is doing in your life. Follow Holy Spirit's guide. Walk in love for self and for others.  It is that 'loving one another' that changes hearts, that guides you in obedience to God. When you lose direction, ask 'which way'? Oh Holy Spirit will guide you, (Won't He do it?) that is a promise to you.

Breathe. Your very breath is a gift.  Live in the fullness of the life God gave you, not in the crappiness from the gifts of the world. You are so loved by God that you can indeed live and love.  Take care of yourself, your mind, your heart, your body, your soul.  Welcome to a new season.  Now go live and love. enough for now.

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