Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Like the Gift It Is

The same old song. How do you feel about the day? If you say, "the same old song," I say, "shift your focus." Today is not - 'the same old song', not the continuation of what has been, not the regular routine. NO.

Today is a day you have never seen. It is a day in which you may be expecting some things to happen; however, you do no not know this day. God is so creative that our days are not the same. Give Him that credit. Yes, there are things you do in routine but should not be a routine. You woke up, wake up giggly about the prospects of what God has up for today. You brushed your teeth, look in the mirror and see the awesome face that God loves. Oh come on- it does not matter the type of toilet you have, whether large or small, inside or out, you can successfully eliminate poisons from your awesome body. See, the day is already different from any other day.

As you prepare for this day, watch for what God has. It may appear small, oh but the small gifts are the most memorable, most loved. This is your day, your gift of life. Don't miss a single event, happening, highs, nor lows. This is yours. Live this day like the gift it is. And then live tomorrow the same. You get it. enough for now.

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