Sunday, September 11, 2016


Remember. As I woke this morning I find myself remembering my house and the remodeling I did while there. That was a peaceful remembrance. Then I recognized that today was the fifteenth anniversary of the attack- 911. And, as many still do, I remembered where I was when we heard the news about the planes hitting the two towers, and then the Pentagon, and then, and then. That is a sad memory, but one still valid. I remember with others. My remembrance will not be the same as others, it is still valid. We all suffered - whether directly or indirectly. 

Today, pause with me for hope for all, no matter where you are. Pause for a time of peace for you and for all who exist on this planet. As you pause, get outside of yourself to see what you can do to make where you are safer, stronger, more peaceful. When I was young, in Sunday School we sang, "Brighten the corner where you are." What can you do to brighten the corner where you are? enough for now.

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