Thursday, September 15, 2016

Walk A New Way

How often do we play "victim"? How often do we try to make our issues another's? We do, yes we do. We do it when, in our state of mind we rehearse everything that has happened in a situation and expect the other person of offer a way out. It is that "help me, help me" state. I offer that you are not the victim all the time, probably - not most of the time. You cannot be when you more than a conqueror. So, it is a mindset.

Watch where and how you are you dumping on others, and what you are saying and feeling. Lament your feelings to God. When you do, and the more you do, the less you need to do, because it is God. I'm not telling you something I read, but something I know. Walk in you real state of being more than a conqueror. enough for now.

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