Saturday, October 8, 2016

Your Life as Abundant

New life. Full life. Abundant life, That is what you have been promised. If you are not living that life, you are hindering your blessings. Now, that does not mean a rich life, but it means a life of richness of what God has for you.

Are you hindering your blessing? What vows have you made about life? Have you asked God to help you raise your children? It sounds good. Yes, raise your children, but to go on after that. Life does not stop when the children have been raised. Your life continues. Have you asked God just to get through school? Your life does not stop after you finish school. Can you see your destructive vows? Renounce those and any demonic activity attached to it. I suggest that your prayers are for the fullness of life that God has promised. See, now that is in keeping with scripture.

Don't stop your life at any event but live through the event. This is a race, and in a race you do not run to the finish line, you run through the finish line. My track coach, Booker T, taught me that long ago. Oh how I really understand it now.

Live your abundant life, full of God's love and peace. Peace is abundance lived. You can grow though anything as long as you have the shalom of God. Celebrate your life! enough for now.

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