Sunday, October 9, 2016

Too Much

Too much. Sometimes life will overwhelm us and junk just keeps coming at us from all sides and we can't take not another thing - too much! What happens? What do you do? Whew. I offer that it is in that time that you recognize that you are not alone. You never were. It is in that time you need to give it all to God and watch God work.

Yeah, sometimes the situation does not change, but you are changed in the situation and you will find yourself on the way through. It's that storm that is bearing down but you are sheltered by God. And it is that shelter by God that allows you to get through, go through the storm. The storm does last always. If we do not walk it through with Holy Spirit we can feel the effects rougher. Hold on and walk with Holy Spirit, and then watch.

Let me talk a minute on the devastating hurricane Matthew and what has happened in Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica. I really do not have an answer for Haiti. I know it was not because they are condemned by God. If that is true, then quite a few other countries would already be gone. What I believe is that God Is giving us all a chance to reach out- to help- to pray- to love. We have a grand opportunity to come together as a body of believers, as sons and daughters caring for our sisters and brothers.  You see, they are our brothers and sisters. Scripture says to love one another. That is enough right there.  Please join me in prayer first and then in any type of aid you can offer. 

Too much? Nothing is too much for God! enough for now. 

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