Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another Viewpoint

Another perspective. I got so bogged down with concerns and had to pause. I knew that feeling. And I knew to hurry up and get still. That is when Holy Spirit showed me- another perspective. Another way of looking at what I was viewing. Whew! When I got still I heard, my heart was stilled. Peace.

Another viewpoint. What do you do? How many times have you gotten twisted around, twirled to and fro, in your own little tornado? You know, when everything is moving and you are not the one moving it? I offer that it is not always Satan. Sometimes you are being twirled to shake off some stuff, to settle you for what you are to do. That is why you get still- to hear clearly from Holy Spirit. Stop struggling, and listen. And when you get direction from Holy Spirit, you follow. You'll know. When it is Holy Spirit you'll have a peace in the midst of the storm. And you can see clearer.

Sometimes all you need is another viewpoint. The one from Holy Spirit. enough for now.

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