Thursday, February 1, 2018

In God's Face

Do you know how difficult it can be to rest in the time of turmoil? It is. And that is understandable.  But too often we find ourselves panicked in the anticipation of the turmoil. How crazy is that? Look at the wasted energy.

Instead of facing your strife alone, get in God's face. Hear and watch. It is always so much better o ge in God's face before facing anything else. Let's try something different next time. 'Breathe out anxiety, breathe in peace.' Do that a few times until you feel the peace. You may breathe out and breathe in whatever Holy Spirit shows. At that point, listen for clear direction, and proceed. Not everything is your to take on. And then what is yours, you take on with the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Breathe. . . you'll feel better. . . you'll think clearer. Things are not always as they seem. enough for now.

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