Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do You Hear Me?

How many times have we asked the question,"Did you hear me?" I was talking to an customer service representative on an issue we were having. I stated the problem and asked for a resolve. The rep asked the questions that I had answered already, not once but four times. Frustrated, I raised my voice and said, "Stop, put the script down, and listen to what I am saying." Then on the fifth time the rep finally passed me on to someone else who could not help me. I went through four levels all to no avail. They did not understand, could not hear, they were not listening.

The title of my children's book is "Do You Hear Me Jesus?" It is interesting that children understand that question better than we do. And they are bold enough to ask. The question itself is the approach and now is waiting.

Then promise in Jeremiah 29:12 is when we call on God, God will hear. God hears. That is enough there. Your resposibility is to approach and pray. Develop that habit approach and pray.

As you move through your day and stupidity arises, whether yours or someone else, call. When you absolutely have no clue- call. I bless your day with expectation of God's answer. type to you later!

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