Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Play the Game

Okay, okay, how many of you play the game Bejeweled? I started playing on my daughter-in-law's phone and couldn't wait to get it on mine. That and Sudoku. Okay there is a new version, Bejeweled 2, and that is the base of my thoughts today. As Bejeweled, you match three jewels in a row and get points, or you can match 4 jewels in a row and get more points, or you can get five jewels in a row and get a star?I can't remember. I just know I like them. When you get the star you don't know what the jewel is but when you use it in a match it takes every jewel of its kind off the board, thus racking up big points.

I was playing well, but wanted to play better. So, I started trying to make five in a row happen. The more I tried to make five in a row, the more I lost threes. Finally I gave up and played the game. What I learned was that we do life the same way. We try to set it up to get the big scores while missing the many smaller scores. Do you see it? If we just dance the dance we will come to the big moves. We don't have to force it, and definitely not ignore the small ones on the way.
Just play the game.

I saw a commercial today that Carefirst advocates dancing as a way of living of strenghtening the heart. I said it already, in my book "The Drama of Dance in the Local Church." What better way to dance by doing it liturgically? I am also available for workshops for Drama, Dance and Formational Prayer. Call me, I will come (smile). The book is available from Amazon, Borders, Xulon Press.
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