Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Even When You Can't See

When my nephew joined us in Seattle I was so excited about him seeing Mt Ranier. It was so cloudy that visibility was nil and no mountain could be seen. My brother-in-law was teasing me about the "mountains" that only I could see. Ahhh, but one day the sun came through just before it rested for the evening and there they were bold and majestic - Mt Rainier and Mt Baker. Both my nephew and brother-in-law joined me in awe of the beauty of Mt Rainier. All I could say was, "see, see,I told you."

This cause me to think how sometimes we may miss an opportunity. Just because we could not see the mountain did not mean it was not there. Can you feel me? I knew what I had seen. I knew what I had witnessed in the majesty of the mountain. I couldn't see it, but I knew it was there.

You see, there are times that we go through periods of low visibility in our lives. These periods could be from so many things: fear, doubt, lack, pain, loneliness, you can name it. (I think you get the point.) And during these times we feel that God is not visible, nowhere to be found. Could be (not visible that is), but not being visible does not mean not being there. Just because you can't feel God's presence does not mean God is not close. Hold on to what you know about the character, the love, the grace of God through those periods of low spiritual visibility. And when you have your 'ah ha' moment of sight you will feel in that moment more than you could remember. When I saw Mt. Rainier, it was more majestic than I remembered.

What do you do? Hold on to your relationship with God. You may need to help another who can see, can't feel. And if you are at a spot where you can't see, can't feel, talk to me. I promise God is there- more than a church figure, but one who loves, guides, and answers prayer. If the mountain could come through bold as it has been can you even imagine the boldness of the majesty of God? And then, can you fathom the love God has for you? Try. type to you later.

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