Thursday, January 7, 2010

Even When

I need to take that "even when you can't see" a little farther. What about the times you cry out and can't hear? What about the dark that your eyes can't penetrate? What about the hurt so deep that your heart aches? What about the financial needs that can't be met? What then? It happens. It does. It is difficult. It is wrenching.

How do you hang on when that happens? Yeah, you know that it will happen, but can you make it until it does happen? It is at that time that people can't help, nothing does. At that time there is no one but you and God. You alone with what you can't see can't feel because you are so immersed in your own pain. Can you hold on? Can you wait to hear? Can you let everything go in order to receive? Can you?
It is hard...But...It is lonely... It is at this time that you can lose your righteous mind. Ahhh, but then you find your spiritual self. Your righteous self can't stand at these times. You see, it was never about your righteous self, but your spiritual growth. You’re growing into more of what God has for you. The carnal, the righteous must be shed in order to effectively grow spiritually.
In these dark times, be still. Listen for God, wait on God. And then watch what God is doing. NO, you can never understand the power, the majesty, the grace, the love God has for you. You venture out on this journey to learn more about such power, such, majesty, such grace, such love. Yes, it gets hard...but.... Yes it gets dark...but.
Even when it does not look like, it may be that your way is through, not out. Even when the rain of pain is hard, your umbrella of stamina will keep you. Even when you don't know, God does. Be reassured that your care is God's concern. Remember Mt Rainer, it is there, even when.
You will go through, you will survive. Don't give up - be still. That 'being still' is not giving up, but giving over your will. It is trusting in what God is doing in your life to shape you. Watch what God does, and follow that lead. type to you later.

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