Sunday, January 31, 2010


My niece’s dog, Samson, a Shih Tzu, likes the view out of my window which overlooks the woods. He will stretch up on his hind legs to look out or jump onto my bed, and that is a very high jump for a little dog. As I was studying, Samson entered the room, looked out the window, headed back out, and then jumped on my bed. That was a bold move as I have shooed him off, scolding him quite a few times.

This time I spread out a robe and allowed him to stay on the bed. He stared out the window for quite a while, at peace. Then he turned from the window and lay down. After a while he laid down facing the window. I couldn’t shoo him off today, I about to learn too much. Samson faced the odds to get to what gives him peace. And when he got peace he rested in it. He didn’t have to face it but just to rest in it.

Did you see it? To face the odds to get to what gives you peace. You may have to press pass some things to get to what brings you peace. Take a lesson from Samson – know what brings you peace and fight your way to get it. When you get it, rest in it. I bless you with the shalom of Jesus. type to you later.

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