Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It snowed again last night. And again the newly fallen snow glistened as it held tight to everything it covered. Don’t you love the new snow? As I was looking out I noticed a track across the snow and down into the woods. There were no paw or footprints but one single line that did not let up. It was almost like a single sled blade. I finally came up with a small groundhog or mole whose little body covered the tracks or a very low flying bird (smile).

Stay with me. The context of where we are in our lives is covered by the new fallen grace everyday of God’s love. The tracks we make it that grace are because of the way we act. Are we making tracks that cause others to stop and ponder at the uniqueness of our tracks? Or are they tracks that look like everybody else? Think about it.

Another thing. I quickly surmised that the tracks were headed toward the woods and not away. How would I know? It was a single line? Are our tracks in God’s grace pointed toward the source? Or away from the source? Pointing toward the source says we know we can’t do it alone and we return time and time again in communion. Pointing away says we no longer need the source and we can handle life on our own. (Yes, there are those who believe that.)

So- what do your tracks look like? Which way are they pointed? Type to you later.

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