Friday, February 12, 2010

You have to Know

This morning, my neice's dog, Samson, was barking and my sister tried to stop him.  "No Samson!" "No!"  "No Samson!" "No!" Did he stop?  No.  As he continued barking my neice came down the stairs.  "Ohhhh you're in trouble," my sister teased Samson.  My neice went straight to Samson's fence and said in a low voice,"no." Immediately Samson stopped barking annd has not barked anymore this day.  My sister mocked him, closing her fingers and thumb - quiet. 
It was precious, and I saw it then. "You have to have to know where the "no" comes from." What does it mean to us?  Oh, come on.  Too often we allow others to direct us withn their "yea" or "nay."  But if we are clear whose we are, then we will not concern ourselves with others' 'yea" or "nay."  Take your instructions from the only one who can truly guide, and be clear who closes the door.  You must know who the "no" comes from.  type to you later.

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