Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plan it and Work it

How many times have you planned your day and someone or something changes it? Oh it could be because you were not serious about your plan; or it could be that you have let others control your life; or it could be that the plan needed to be changed. Whatever the many reasons, you have to ask yourself why you can’t move forward with your life. Could it be that you are doing what others think you should be doing? Let’s go there.

There is always someone to tell you how you should live or what you should be doing. The irony in that is those who would help guide you will not take any direction from you. There is no way they can effectively guide you, as they only see from their perspective. I used to try to explain what I saw or why I did what I did, I stopped. Since they did not have my perspective, they could not see what I saw, or feel what I felt.

If you let others alter your life from their point of view; how much more do you allow them to take you so far away from what God has designed for you? Yes, it is difficult to live following God if you allow others to take a great place in your life. The crazy part is that you will never get anywhere when you allow others control.

Life is a wonder! Enjoy it, both the ups and the downs. Watch how God pulls joy out of despair and peace in turmoil. There is not one person that can do that. Yes, for those in the snow, it may change how you get through the day, but not that you get through the day. For those who are encountering storms, physical or otherwise, gear up and continue. Don’t give up. For those who are wrestling control issues remain strong and say “no.” There is so much for you – in your life. type to you later.

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