Monday, February 15, 2010

Self can Cause You Trouble

Have you considered the consequences to what you do?  No, not what you can get, but what you may lose, or who you may lose.  Everything you do brings its own set of consequences.  Now let me back into this.  You see, too often we find ourselves working hard to please self. Oh we say it may be for someone or for something but in reality- it is for self. And in the midst of this, if we are true to self, it is not about the Divine One.

What does it mean? If we we created in God's image and to bring honor to God, then we must ask self each day, "Who is honored?"  We are moving into the Lenten season.  Many give up something for the season and then pick it back up at the end. But if we were true to the season we would give up something that we really don't need and leave it gone. We would sacrifice and gain from the sacrifce.   Actually, it may be something that we try -that we put on and keep. It's your call.  This season prepare to sacrifice "self" in what ever you give up.  And then watch what God does with that sacrifice.  type to you later.

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