Saturday, August 23, 2014

Get Up

There is something about rising early. You are up before the world gets started. There is a sense that you have a chance to get it done, whatever your "it" is. It gives you a space for imagining the greatness of the day. It gives you an opportunity to recognize the new mercies.

Life is so short. When you think about it- it is so short.  Enjoy each day that you are given.  Enjoy a release of stupid stuff that means not a thing. Enjoy the excitement of your journey.  Yes, there is an excitement there. Come on. You watch movies that are full of thrills and chills, yet you don't turn away when the going gets tough for hero/heroine.  You are your hero/heroine.  The going does get tough, bad news does happen, sadness will come, lost is real- BUT it does not last always.  God's joy and peace is very real. This is your journey. With the roadmap in hand and your GPS (God's Personal Sketch) for you, you will make it.  (Do you like that GPS? Holy Spirit just gave it to me. cool). 

Get up. Get ready to receive your blessing each day. enough for now.

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