Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Adventure

Through the early morning mist I'm watching a deer eat.  I thought back to last night as people gathered at a retreat center. 

I laughed as I chatted with some women who had never been to the country.  I mean gravel roads and miles of beautiful trees lining the way.  When the road ended they thought GPS was wrong.  And their phone signal went in and out. (I could get out but Siri refused to talk to me). We told  this was a retreat center.  One said she would be alright when she got to her room and got WIFI. You know I hollered.  No WIFi.  

To retreat. To get get away- unplug- unwind.  To hear what God is saying to you.  Many times you will get to a different road.  It does not mean the journey ends.  It means the adventure begins.  Blessings on your new adventure. enough for now.

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