Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Lies Will Mess You Up

Your lies will mess you up.  The ones you tell, the one you believe.  Come one, the one you tell?  You know that already.  My mother used to say, "Your lies will find you out."  Your lies affect your integrity and your health.  You have to remember too much extra data, and yes, could affect your health.  Yes, even what you believe to be "little" lies.  You have heard them, when asked about something, either, "I didn't say that," or "I don't remember."  Your lies will mess you up.  I have seen a few people messed up in their lies by their lies. Work on them. Ask Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts, your words, your actions.  We all need to be guided, it is a part of our journey

Okay, you have had a few days to  think about lies you have believed and acted upon.  If  you recognize they are not true, yet are not sure of the truth, take one lie (allow Holy Spirit to point to one).  Then ask Jesus what is the truth.  You see when you hear the Truth from The Truth then you can hold on to that.  And when ever you hear the lie - you can say "No!" Soon you will no longer hear that lie.  Do that for any untruth and you will be able to walk freer  enough for now.

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