Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Pause is Over

So tell me, what causes you to pause?  You know, along your journey, as you go about your way, what stops you in your tracks?  No, let me ask another way.  What distracts you from your journey? 
Take time to think about it.

What are the lies and false beliefs that aid in your pause? The lies that have gotten you off track. Get still.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you. Write the lies down as they are revealed.  Then ask Holy Spirit the truth for each lie, each thing you thought was true. You see, when you can hear the truth from Holy Spirit then you have something you can stand on against anything the enemy can say. It is time to get back on your way. This was just a pause, whatever your "this" is. It was just a distraction to get you off what God has for you. Come on, let's go. enough for now.

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