Saturday, February 21, 2015

Are You Listening?

Did you know that it does not take much to hear? You have to want to hear.  You have to listen.  There is more. You have to recognize and trust that you have heard.  And then you rest in what you hear, you follow what you hear.  There is a great peace in following Holy Spirit's guide for your life.  There is peace in watching what God is doing in your life.  No, you don't sit and do nothing.  Yes you release fret and fear while you watch.  You see, you shift your focus from you and your stuff to wtching what God is doing.  

You need some peace in your life in spite of all the junk.  You need peace in spite of the foolishness at your job, your school, your church, your home.  Shift your focus and start watching.  When your start watching you can begin listening.  It does not take that much to hear.  It does take a willing heart. Go ahead, try God.  enough for now.

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