Thursday, February 5, 2015

No Box

Look within.  Look at how you have allow yourself to be trapped in a box so large that you didn't know you were trapped.  Ahh, but when you came to the border of the box you found yourself stuck by the same lies that you dealt with long ago.  Nothing changed.  Stuck.  You know you those lies - fear, feeling inferior, no one cares. . . what's your lie?  You see, the borders are not real.  You were not created to live in a box, but to free from the lies that plague. 

Have you recognized the lies yet?  You see, you have lived so long with them that you were comfortable in your 'plight'.  It would never get better.  You draw of the luck. LIES. LIES.  Come on.  When you recognize a lie, write it down, draw a circle around it.  Draw a line out from it and write what that lie has cost you, draw a circle around that cost.  What else?  Keep writing what that one lie has cost you.  When you are done, take a good look at the heavy cost in your life.  Can you continue to pay that cost? No, I didn't think you could.

Ask Holy Spirit what is the truth to that lie.  When you hear it - hold on to it.  God's truth will stand against any lie of the enemy. For every time you hear the lie hold to the truth.  Do this for each lie that is revealed. 

Do not be concerned with battling self or the enemy but stay with the truth.  Eventually you will not hear, nor be affected by the lie. Not because I said it, but because you were already free from the lies because of the love of God; the life, death, resurrection of Jesus; and the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Feel it, feel the sides of the box crumbling.  Walk free. enough for now.

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