Saturday, January 21, 2017

At What Point?

At what point? At what point do you stop trying to work it out, fix it, argue it out, run it out, fight it out, pray it out? At what point? At what point do you stop trying and give it to God - whatever the it may be. As long as you're trying, you are controlling. 

Yes, I said pray it out. Think about it. At one level we try to pray our way out of a situation, somewhat like trying to walk God through walking us through. Yes, that is what you thought but there is a slight variation to that. To give it to God and watch. To trust that it is in powerful hands. Even in the praying, when we give it to God we tell what we are going though, but many times we tell how we want it fixed. 
That is our problem. Yes, lament it. . . And wait in expectation of how It will be handled. Are you ready for that? It probably won't be what you thought it will be God. 

We have been so stuck in out ways, those destructive patterns that we felt was 'just the way it is'. Oh it that is so untrue. Stop trying and start releasing it to God. And watch what happens. enough for now.

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