Sunday, January 22, 2017


Courage. I have to go to my favorite movie of all time. Wait on it . . . The Wizard of Oz. Yeah, that's true. And my favorite character- the lion. You see, I did it call him by his infirmity. But what he felt he lacked was courage until he walked it out. . . Until he got on his journey. 

Courage. When the men were sent to spy the land than God had given them, twelve men went. Ten came back that they couldn't take the land. Two, Joshua and Caleb said, we can take it. They had courage. Here is the crazy part. God had already given the land they just had to walk it. 

(Okay I'm not going into all of this now. More later.)

When the lion got off his spot in front of that building where he had "guarded" for years and got on his journey with the others, he found his courage. 

Courage. We miss many times what God has for us, even after He has said it it ours. All because we are stuck in what we think we know, in our limited vision. Where are you stuck? It's time to move out in what God has promised. Not sure - contact me. There is so much more for you. It's time to walk it out. enough for now.

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