Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stretching Time

I think it is stretching time again. In order to grow more into what God has for us we must be stretched. No, stretching is not fun. It is painful. It causes one to question self, and yet, that can be  good thing. Others tend to look at you weird, you know, like you are on drugs, or have lost your mind. Has it ever happened to you. You see, in the stretching, God is restructuring and reshaping. Yeah, you can resist- if you think you can. But here is the cool part. We always come out better than we started. So why wouldn't we want to be stretched by God?

Stretching gives your will to God. After all, God does know the plan He has for you. Why resist? It is always better than you can imagine. You may not be in the stretching presently; however, the stretching will come. And if you have been stretched- examine what has changed, and thank God for the growth. Blessings in recognizing and accepting your stretching. enough for now.

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