Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Being Belongs to God"

Stop! Everything is moving too fast. It is already ten days into this year. How is it for you?

It is really "Godlike" for me. I was told to 'be still' a few times and finally got still. Yeah, every so often God has me to just get still. The thing about it was - in the stillness I saw so much more. I witnessed healings for others, recognized hope for me. Now, that is not a new thing. So why must I wait for God to say 'be still'? Hmm, glad you asked. I think it is an old pattern (to break) that I must be doing something. If I'm not doing something, then I am non-productive.

You have heard that too- haven't you? But you see- in the stillness God reveals, God heals, and we have peace. So can you see the "Godlike"? Only God can produce in absolute stillness. I suppose that is a part of our 'being' and not 'doing'. 'Being' belongs to God, 'doing' belongs to us.

The crazy part is that I know what God can do, yet I fall into that pattern of busyness, trying to get 'it' done- whatever the 'it' is. Aww, but 'being' belongs to God, 'doing' belongs to us. Come on, how do we think that we have it all? know it all? We do not.

I offer to trust what you hear from God in the stillness, to be still, and then to wait. Happy Anew Year. Your a-new-ness, your awareness, your healing. Let's go. enough for now.

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