Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Live Fully, or Fully Lose

I''m thinking about things that are real.  Things that really matter.  Things that cause us to grow mentally, spiritually, healthily.  I think we spend too much time thinking about things that are not real. Worrying about tomorrow is not real. Tomorrow will come.

Today is real. Today is what we have. This present moment is what we have. We can live fully in the present moment or fully lose the moment. Too many precious moments have been lost.  Too many moments have been lost through needless worry, fear, doubt.  Yes, we waste a lot of time right there. When we are listening to Holy Spirit's guide . . . When we are trusting God's promises . . .  When we are loving on Jesus, we can be in that present moment with him.  In that moment there is nor fear, no doubt, no worry, just peace.  Let's just pause there.

Are you missing the present moment?  Breathe. Breathe out whatever keeps you from being in that moment Breath in peace. Breathe out and in until you can recognize the peace of that moment. You see, then you can get back to it just like that. When you are in that moment, you want more of that moment. It's your time. Think about what is real. Live fully, or fully lose. enough for now.

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