Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pull, or Push

What's pulling you? What's pulling you toward places you don't want to be? Sometimes the pull becomes a deadly push to take you down. . . Pushing and pulling you right into what is not good for you. And you feel trapped, with no way out. Stuck. No hope.  What's causing you to be in situations that you can't win? Why have you become complacent in those places? There is hope. You are stronger than that. You are stronger than what you think. There is a way out. All is not lost.

You see, Holy Spirit gently guides you, around situations, over trouble, and sometimes through pain. Yes, sometimes through, but going through anything with Holy Spirit's guidance is so much better than alone. No more being pushed and pulled, but now be gently guided, and see what peace it brings. enough for now.

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