Saturday, July 28, 2018

That was a Rough

How many times have you survived a great issue, a great trial; yet while you were in it you only felt how hard it was?  You know, those times when you didn’t know if you would survive - yet you had survived trials before? Oh how rough it was, how frightening it was, how rough. And even in those times you felt you were not the conqueror you are? But you are more than a conqueror.  

This is a quote from God Calling: “You wonder sometimes why you are permitted to make when you sought so trust do my will in the matter. To that I say it was no mistake . . .All your lessons cannot be learned without difficulty, and this was needed to teach you a lessson. Not to him who walks on, with no obstacles in his way, but to him that overcometh is the promise given.”

Let that permeate you, your space today. And recognize you are more than a conqueror -even in the rough.  Enough for now.

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