Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Number One Pick

The DC area is all abuzz about the upcoming draft for Robert Griffin III to the Redskins in the second round.  I ain't mad.  It is healthy to find something to get excited about.  But what about you?  What gets you excited? How about your life?  After all you were the number one draft pick.  Yes you were.  God has been so excited about you, about your great potential.  What about you?  You see, it has never been about the hard times that come your way, that is part of the game.  It is about how you handle it. Don't give up when things get crazy, it it only a part of  the 'all things' plan of God.  Check it out,  you have new chances every day.  His mercies are new every day.  Get up from where you are, get you directions from Holy Spirit, and get on with your glorious life.  type to you later

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