Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rest, Don't Push

Have you ever had those moments when you tried and tried to make something work and it looked like it just would not work?  And so you push and push to get it through, to get it done and you find out that it has become a disaster?  All because you pushed your way into what was not yours, or that it was not time, yet.  Let me go a little farther.  There are times when we are clear that God says yes, but we have no clue when it is to happen. 
When we push past God's time we push into what we believe to ours 'now', and we miss our process toward the destination. 

Help us! We need help in learning to wait on God's promise, provision.  Let us rest knowing that if God says it is so, it will be so-in God's time, and it will not fail. type to you later.

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