Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sometimes it Crumbles

Have you ever waited for what you thought was for you, and it began to crumble?   The strong tower begins to crack.  You know, what you thought it would look like- and it looked nothing at all like what it would?

Try again, when you thought the job would last, the man /woman would be there, the life would be great.  And it all began to crumble.   Sometimes it needs to crumble.  Sometimes it needs to fall away, fall off. Sometimes you need relief from your self made belief of how it should be.  You see, out of the crumbles, new life can begin. Out of the ashes of the trash, you can begin to live.  So how can you know the difference?  Ask. Wait.  Listen.  And be ready to live.  To learn.  type to you later.

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