Monday, April 9, 2012

Feel the Peace

Isn't it awesome when you can wake up and feel peace?  When you can say  'yes'? There is such a peace when you know that no matter what God is in ultimate control.  Oh I know you don't know it because there are times that I must remind myself.  Let me show you:  You see, we thank God for the good times but we cry during the bad times.  Now, the thing about it -if God has control in the good times, then He has control in the bad times.

Hold on-  The ultimate control belongs to God.  Stay there.  We have little control.  Yes, we have responsibility, God's control does not dismiss our responsibility.  Go a little farther. We do not sit and wait on God to handle everything.  We are to get direction on our way and then follow.  When we get direction, and follow, then we can rest assured that however way the day brings it, we got it.  We can do that because we have received instructions and can rest in having carried them out.

Try it.  I promise you can rest, and then you can sleep assured that you are in God's mix.  And when you awaken, you can awaken to the shalom of Jesus. Try. type to you later.

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