Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day

In the spirit of the resurrection, I bless you with coming out of those things that have held you bound.  When baby elephants are being trained to stay put they are chained to a peg.  They try to move away but found themselves bound.  After a period of training the peg is pulled out of the ground.  The elephant does not try because the chain says they are still bound.

You were so led to believe that you just could not do, couldn't get away, couldn't  do better. Bound by the chains of those lies.  But you see, the peg was pulled up before you were even born. Yes, life caused you to believe the lies, but they were never true.  Yes, Jesus died for your sins. Much more. Jesus died so that you would know and understand the peg has been removed, the chains have been broken. Walk in your resurrected spirit of renewal, re-commitment, restoration. Blessings on this Resurrection Day of our Lord!
type to you later.

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