Friday, September 26, 2014

Cherish it All

What is it?  Go ahead, what is it?  What is your testimony?  I had an interesting conversation with someone that had not seen enough change.  But then I've seen that play out during testimonies in some churches. You can see how people are trying to find their  biggest testimony.  And then there are those who give "He woke me up this morning."  Oh yes God did.  Do you know that God is still rearranging?  Still changing you? He changes as He sees fit.  You are being transformed constantly.  If your change, your transformation appears to be minimal, it is still change. 

Never be afraid to tell what you know about your transformation.  Never worry that it sounds too small.  Each step in your transformation is a step toward your freedom.  Cherish it all! enough for now.

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